2 September 2014

An elegantly written tweet

Anne Elizabeth Moutet (@moutet), who I follow on Twitter, retweeted this from the UK’s ambassador in France (@HMARicketts):

The first successful cross-Channel telegraph cable began operation in 1851, the year before Wellington’s death, so I couldn’t help but respond the next morning with:

and received a prompt response, nominally from Our Man in Paris:

Well I wonder if it was. But whether he does his own social media (“#digital diplomacy”) or not, his Twitter timeline since 21 August is an interesting read, much of it marking the 200th anniversary of the British Residence in France, the first permanent residence abroad apparently. Today we learnt where Wellington’s ‘elegantly written despatch’ got him:

No doubt not the last time that Whitehall would be unenthusiastic about requests concerning foreign allowances.

I'm now following @HMARicketts and I've discovered that HM Ambassadors blog too!

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