19 September 2014

How are the Red Princes and Princesses also rising?

It was almost two years ago that a post appeared here about the Red Princes and Princesses – the children of prominent Labour politicians who were thought likely to follow in their parental footsteps ("the son also rises"). A good article on the subject, What Labour’s Red Princes tell us about Britain, by Sophie McBain appeared in the New Statesman in June. She concluded:
… if you felt like being kind, you could say that Labour’s Red Princes have benefited from “high social capital”, but perhaps you would prefer the term “nepotism”. The children of MPs enter politics with an understanding of the Westminster system, as well as ready-made political connections and influential backers, which all help if you are looking for a parachute into a winnable seat. In this way, at least, Labour reflects the society it aspires to represent: the UK has the lowest level of social mobility in the developed world. 
… How does a party of political princelings and Westminster insiders convince anyone it can represent the working classes? …
With just over seven months to go before the election on 7 May 2015*, I thought it would be interesting to find out how they (and some other notables’ offspring) are getting on in the constituencies reported to be of interest to them. I expect that now that the Scottish referendum is over and an influx of Scottish Labour MPs seeking English seats has been averted, more will be learnt.

I will add/amend as information becomes available, but so far, and in alphabetical order:

Child of: Benn dynasty
Age*: 25
Constituency: Croydon South - Majority in 2010: 5818 (Con, 28%)
Status: PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, ie will be Labour candidate in 2015)

Child of: late Tony Benn
Age*: 63
Constituency: Lords hereditary member
Source: Daily Mail 8 April 2014

Child of: Tony Blair
Age*: 31
Constituency:    Coventry North West - Majority in 2010: 6288 (Lab, 13%)
and                   Bootle (Merseyside) - Majority in 2010: 21181 (Lab, 51%)
Status: ?

Child of: Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman
Age*: 31/32
Constituency: Lewisham Deptford - Majority in 2010: 12499 (Lab, 30%)
Status: interest denied
Source: Daily Telegraph blogs 3 September 2013

Child of: Late Philip Gould and Lady Gould (Gail Rebuck)
Age*: 27
Constituency: Erith & Thamesmead - Majority in 2010: 5703 (Lab, 13%)
Status: Failed to become PPC in 2010

Child of: Neil and Gladys Kinnock (Lord Kinnock and Baroness Kinnock)
Age*: 45
Constituency: Aberavon - Majority in 2010: 11039 (Lab, 36%)
Status: PPC

Child of: Austin Mitchell
Age*: 50s?
Constituency: Dulwich & W Norwood - Majority in 2010: 9365 (Lab, 19%)
Status: Withdrew from PPC

Child of: Lord Prescott (John Prescott)
Age*: 44
Constituency: Hull East - Majority in 2010: 8597 (Lab, 25%)
Status: Failed to become PPC
Constituency: Greenwich & Woolwich - Majority in 2010: 10153 (Lab, 25%)
Status: Failed to become PPC

Child of: Jack Straw
Age*: 34
Constituency: Rossendale & Darwen - Majority in 2010: 4493 (Con, 9%)
Status: PPC

* Age on 7 May 2015

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