26 May 2014

Grayson Perry’s 'Red Alan’s Manifesto'

How to explain? Alan Measles is “a 50-year-old teddy bear, dictator and God of the imaginary world of artist Grayson Perry” according to Tweeter @Alan_Measles (who is actually Grayson Perry, RA).

In 2012 Perry, who requires no description here, produced a ceramic sculpture of Alan Measles, Red Alan. In his BBC Reith Lectures, Playing to the Gallery, last year, Perry provided food for thought for anyone interested in art – whatever that might be. Now, he has produced an artwork for the Royal Academy, Red Alan’s Manifesto. For future ease of reference to its precepts, I’ve copied it below.

This post owes much to an article by the Royal Academy’s Amy Macpherson.

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