17 May 2013

Driving in France 2013

Two previous posts which seem to have attracted interest were about the price of petrol and diesel fuel in France and about speed limits there. So here is an update on both subjects.

Firstly, at the time of posting the hypermarket price of diesel fuel (gazole) is about €1.29 per litre, lower than in 2011: at the current exchange rate of around £1 = €1.17, this is equivalent to about £1.11 when the best price in southern England is around £1.38 – so about 20% cheaper in France. Hypermarket petrol (essence) on the other hand is €1.45 to €1.50, so about £1.26 and cheaper than at home. (E10 indicates 10% ethanol – check whether your car will take this cheaper mix). The French government maintains an online database of all retail fuel prices, by location and with a journey planner. This shows that prices away from hypermarkets can be substantially higher.

As far as speed limits are concerned, enforcement is getting stricter with more mobile traps, so read the post from 2011. The AA advice about various items of documentation and equipment needed in France, which should be read, has been updated and confirms that the requirement to carry a breathalyser has been postponed, but that the yellow reflective jacket (gilet jaune) is still obligatoire.

Bon voyage!

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