15 January 2011

Gratuitous tweets - 'gratweets'?

It’s probably a mistake to take Twitter too seriously. But this arrived early last Thursday from a high profile UK twitterer who has sent over 25000 tweets to over 7000 followers:
Sounds like Obama did well. Perfectly pitched speech apparently.. must listen. Can't imagine the contrast between him and Palin cld be starker.
President Obama gave his speech (‘Remarks’ to use the White House description) in Tucson, Arizona at 18:43 MST on 12 January, which would have been 01:43 GMT on 13 January in the UK. Most people here learnt about the speech from radio and TV as they got up – so that particular tweet, however well meant, added nothing.

One of the meanings of ‘gratuitous’, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is:
Done, made, adopted, or assumed without any good ground or reason; not required or warranted by the circumstances of the case; uncalled-for; unjustifiable.
Perhaps we should start calling gratuitous tweets ‘gratweets’ in the hope it might discourage them!

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