31 January 2016

Jerome Bonnell’s ‘A trois on y va’

Twentysomethings loving in a triangle - how will it end? 

The sixth edition of My French Film Festival is running from 18 January to 18 February 2016, making some recent films available on line and in cinemas. The first I posted about was Olivier Jahan’s Les Châteaux de sable (Sand Castles). The second is Jérôme Bonnell’s A trois on y va (All about them)

At the start of Jérôme Bonnell’s comedy drama, A trois on y va (literally We go as a trio), Charlotte, a singer and Micha, a biotechnician, are setting up home in Lille. Micha starts to get interested in Charlotte's lawyer friend Mélodie without realising just what sort of friendship they have. Surely, sooner or later, the deceptions involved are going to become apparent - then what will happen?

Anaïs Demoustier (Claire in François Ozon’s The New Girlfriend last year) is well-cast as the quick-thinking Mélodie.

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