17 October 2013

David Hockney: Back in California

David Hockney’s exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, A Bigger Picture, was the fifth most popular exhibition in the world in 2012 and attracted more than 600,000 visitors. After moving to Bilbao and then Cologne, its total audience rose to 1.2 million. The post on this blog about that show is by far the most popular of over 300. So it’s highly likely that many more people would have been interested in an article in last week’s FT Weekend Magazine than are likely to be aware of it. To interview Hockney, Caroline Daniel, the editor of FT Weekend, travelled to Los Angeles and the Hollywood hills where he has returned to his studio after spending much of the time since 2004 in Bridlington on the coast of Yorkshire.

The article, Hockney Return to LA, is available on the Financial Times website and well worth reading. It includes some of his recent charcoal drawings and drawings of family members (below) and these can be seen in David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition (above left) at the de Young Museum from October 26, 2013 to January 20, 2014, together with material previously shown in A Bigger Picture.

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